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What is Kangoo jumps?
The most important feature of this area of fitness is the use of special footwear. To the sole of the shoes hemispherical parts are attached, having in the middle a web that provides mobility to the spheres and allows those engaged to spring in such shoes. The top is something similar to the base of roller skates, but, of course, instead of the wheels there are sprung platforms.
What are the shoes KJ?
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Sock liner
Slim inner toe provides comfortable foot and ankle protection
Allow to quickly put on and remove KJ
Support plate
Provide comfort and stability when jumping
External shoe
Made of durable polyurethane
Non-slip sole
Sturdy sole for use on any surface
Made of unique plastic "Space age"
Allows you to adjust the KJ according to the weight and method of application
Double accelerator
Designed to stabilize jumps
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Kangoo jumps club in Zaporozhye

"Faster, higher, stronger!" - the motto of the Olympic Games, revived from non-existence at the beginning of the last century, has not lost its relevance in our days. Thanks to new sports, this Olympic motto acquires a different, more modern sound. Kangoo Jumps attracts in its ranks more fans of sports, a healthy lifestyle and ... extreme.

Learn how to walk, run and jump in shoes Kangoo Jumps can be pretty quickly. Usually the first training takes only a few minutes. In the morning after training to get out of bed it's very hard, the whole body is awfully sore, and it's hard to move around. But having once experienced a magical flight experience, it's already impossible to refuse Kangoo Jumps.

A new kind of fitness called "Kangoo jumping" is gaining popularity all over the world. This system guarantees burning twice as many calories as when running. At the same time during training, joints are less loaded by using a special device resembling a ski boot, to the sole of which an oval springy part is attached. So, visitors to the "Kangoo jumping" classes are encouraged to wear these shoes first, and then prepare for an intensive 45-minute cardio workout that combines dance moves, jogging and jumping around the hall to rhythmic music. The developers of the system say: in addition to working out the muscles of the legs, training affects all the main muscles. By the way, these miraculous boots NASA used to train cosmonauts. But to take advantage of them, no additional preparation is required. According to experts, the shoes are very stable, so the balance is difficult to lose and in the course of their practice, no one has ever fallen.

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