Fly Stretching

This type of training has several names. Sometimes these classes are called in English as fly stretching or AeroStretching. There is even the playful name Monkey Dance, which means "dance of monkeys". Well, if you strain your imagination a little, stretching in hammocks can really remind the game of monkeys who like to play for fun on the vines. But no matter how this relatively new type of physical activity is called, there are already a lot of admirers at the stretch in the hammocks.

What is fly stretching?

For classes, you definitely need special hammocks. This is a wide fabric, fixed to the ceiling. By appearance they are more like a swing.

The use of such ancillary equipment makes it possible to study even the deepest muscles, the so-called stabilizers. This effect is achieved due to the fact that during the performance of certain exercises the athlete needs to achieve sustainability. Needless to say, hovering over the floor in a hammock, it is very difficult to find support.

Such conditions make performing even the simplest exercises a difficult task, and help to work out all muscle groups most effectively. In this case shock loads on the spine are excluded, because the force of attraction becomes smaller.

It is noteworthy that even the most unsportsmanlike beginners already from the first fly stretching classes can be proud of their achievements. The program of exercises is constructed in such a way that certain successes could be achieved already at the initial stage of training, proceeding from individual physiological possibilities. With each occupation of the load gradually increase, the technique of performing exercises becomes more complicated.

Muscles on fly stretching exercises stretch in the phase of complete relaxation. For a long time in a certain position, the muscles and tendons get used to this situation. As a result, it is possible to achieve a stable and stable stretching.

"Faster, higher, stronger!" - the motto of the Olympic Games, revived from non-existence at the beginning of the last century, has not lost its relevance in our days. Thanks to new sports, this Olympic motto acquires a different, more modern sound. Kangoo Jumps attracts in its ranks more fans of sports, a healthy lifestyle and ... extreme.

Learn how to walk, run and jump in shoes Kangoo Jumps can be pretty quickly. Usually the first training takes only a few minutes. In the morning after training to get out of bed it's very hard, the whole body is awfully sore, and it's hard to move around. But having once experienced a magical flight experience, it's already impossible to refuse Kangoo Jumps.

A new kind of fitness called "Kangoo jumping" is gaining popularity all over the world. This system guarantees burning twice as many calories as when running. At the same time during training, joints are less loaded by using a special device resembling a ski boot, to the sole of which an oval springy part is attached. So, visitors to the "Kangoo jumping" classes are encouraged to wear these shoes first, and then prepare for an intensive 45-minute cardio workout that combines dance moves, jogging and jumping around the hall to rhythmic music. The developers of the system say: in addition to working out the muscles of the legs, training affects all the main muscles. By the way, these miraculous boots NASA used to train cosmonauts. But to take advantage of them, no additional training is required. According to experts, the shoes are very stable, so the balance is difficult to lose and in the course of their practice, no one has ever fallen.

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